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Pour les kits moteurs 1st Mate achetés entre le 15 mars et le 31 juillet 2021, vous recevrez un remboursement de CHF 100.


Référence      Marque Description
8M6007933 Mercury Kit moteur simple installation
8M6007934 Mercury Kit moteur double installation
8M6007937 Mercury Kit moteur triple installation
8M6007938 Mercury Kit pour 4, 5 ou 6 moteurs
8M6007939 Quicksilver Kit moteur simple installation
8M6007940 Quicksilver Kit pour moteur douple/triple
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1.1       This promotion is only open to residents in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland or United Kingdom. A Participant (“Participant”) is a person or a legal entity (company) who is resident in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland or United Kingdom. Employees of Brunswick Marine, its subsidiary companies, their families, agents and other parties directly involved with this promotion are not eligible to enter. The promotion is only open to participants purchasing for their own use i.e. end users. Brunswick Marine in EMEA reserves the right to verify the eligibility of Participants and/or to exclude Participants at its sole discretion at any time for any reason. Resellers may not submit claims on behalf of their customers.


2.1       This promotion is open to customers to purchase a Mercury- or Quicksilver branded 1st Mate single or multi engines kit. To be eligible for cash back, the Participant must purchase the product listed in article 3.1, in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland or United Kingdom.

2.2.      To take advantage of this promotion, purchases must be made between 15 March – 31 July 2021  (inclusive). The cash back claim can only be made through https://www.1stmate-cashback.com/.

2.3       Fully completed and correct claim forms, together with a copy of the original receipt, must be received no later than 31 August 2021 by online submission using the claim form available at https://www.1stmate-cashback.com/. The Participant will be asked to provide its personal details including payment details. Once a claim is received a confirmation of receipt will be sent by email.

2.4       Each cash back claim is limited to a single use and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional voucher or cash back offer against the applicable products, as stated in Article 3.1.

2.5       Proof of purchase should be a legible copy of the retail receipt or invoice clearly showing the retailer name, date of purchase, product name, purchase price, part number & serial number. Documentation submitted for this offer will not be returned.

2.6    Brunswick Marine in EMEA, will deliver Cashback amount in local currency via BACS transfer, within 60 days of validation of your claim. The Promoter will only make bank transfer to an account that is set up in the country where you made the purchase of the 1st Mate kit


3.1       The cash back offer is as listed below against the applicable products:

Applicable products:

Part Number Brand Description
8M6007933 Mercury Single Engine Kit
8M6007934 Mercury Dual Engine Kit
8M6007937 Mercury Triple Engine Kit
8M6007938 Mercury 4, 5 or 6 Engine Kit
8M6007939 Quicksilver Single Engine Kit
8M6007940 Quicksilver Dual/Triple Engine Kit

Cashback offer:

Country Value Currency
Austria 100,- EUR
Belgium 100,- EUR
Croatia 750,- HRK
Denmark 740,- DKK
Finland 100,- EUR
France 100,- EUR
Germany 100,- EUR
Greece 100,- EUR
Ireland 100,- EUR
Italy 100,- EUR
Netherlands 100,- EUR
Norway 1.000,- NOK
Poland 460,- PLN
Portugal 100,- EUR
Spain 100,- EUR
Switzerland 100,- CHF
United Kingdom 85,- GBP

3.2       The cash back claim form cannot be exchanged for cash.

3.3       Where the cash back payment constitutes a taxable benefit, the tax liability lies with the recipient. Accordingly, if your bank charges you, such charges will be deducted by your bank from the cash back amount.

3.4       In the event that the Customer returns the product to the seller, the Participant will not be entitled to claim cash back and any claim will be thereafter dismissed.  For the avoidance of doubt this clause does not prohibit in any way the customer’s right to exercise their applicable statutory or warranty rights.


4.1       The promoter is: Brunswick Marine in EMEA. The Promoters reserve the right to withdraw the promotion at any time.


5.1       Upon registration, the participant will have provided their personal data to Brunswick Marine in EMEA and it will be transferred to Benamic, and to its agents, to carry out the promotion and conduct marketing and quality control analysis. Brunswick Marine in EMEA and its agents are responsible for securely storing, processing and transferring the participant’s personal data wholly in accordance with applicable local Data Protection Laws and Regulations. By registering, the participant consents to these terms and conditions. By ticking the relevant box on the online registration form, the participant also consents to the promoter, Brunswick Marine in EMEA entities and/or their agents processing their data for the purposes of advising participants of other promotions, new products and services, and for future marketing and quality control analysis. Each time you receive any promotional electronic communication you will have the opportunity to opt-out. Participants have the right to consult and request rectification of their information as held by the promoter.


6.1       No responsibility will be accepted for claims lost, delayed or for those claims not received by the closing date.

6.2       Claims will be disqualified if incomplete or illegible. It is the Participant’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient details are provided for claims to be processed.

6.3       Brunswick Marine in EMEA is not liable for any costs incurred by the participant relating to the promotion.

6.4      Brunswick Marine in EMEA shall not be liable for any delayed claims of any nature with regard to this promotion.

6.5       Brunswick Marine in EMEA shall not be liable for any failure to fulfill this offer where such failure is caused by any supervening circumstances amounting to force majeure (meaning: beyond Brunswick Marine in EMEA’s reasonable control) and/or events which, without the fault of either party, render performance impossible or incapable of satisfactory execution.

6.6       Brunswick Marine in EMEA reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time and/or to unilaterally change the terms and conditions without incurring any liability.


7.1       These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the country in which you have purchased the product and come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of that country.

* Je confirme avoir lu et accepté les conditions générales de cette promotion.
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